The new book by Giovanni Menon dedicated to the sustainability of our social, environmental and productive fabric yesterday, today and
- above all - tomorrow.
What will we leave as a legacy to our children?


We do not realise that the global population, which numbered 2.5 billion in the post-war period, reached 7.4 billion by 2015, purely thanks to very recent cheap fuel, and few people are aware that the now scarce fuel has been the main driving force behind all technology and that without it, the global population would be no more than 3 billion individuals today.

We do not realise that the grip of modern speculation ensures that the rich and affluent are ever fewer, barely 20% of the global population at present (of which just 1% owns 99% of the riches of the entire planet) while the number of people who are poor or on the brink of poverty continues to grow, and now exceeds 80%.

Living in the era of satellites and smartphones, we do not realise that the recklessness involved in this frenzy of misleading progress has in fact subdued us and trapped us in dangerous “mechanisms”, causing us to wallow in the conviction that today’s world has always been an unchanging wonderland.

Giovanni Menon, aware of these and other worrying situations, and driven by the desire to understand more about the future of all our companies - the driving force behind our economy - has sifted through the elements on which the whole economy is based to put together an overview of the scenarios that humanity will have to face in the very near future, depending on its ability, or lack thereof, to quickly find a sustainable solution to this neurotic socio-economic puzzle.

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